Corporate Services

The responsibilities of a corporate service manager lie on executive and institutional levels. The service manager must work closely with human resources management to ensure that proper procedures are being followed and that staff satisfaction is achieved. The manager must also work closely with all executive colleagues to create organizational and strategic planning that involves performance monitoring, keeping programs within the company budget and building partnerships. It is also the responsibility of the corporate service manager to implement a communications strategy and a resourcing strategy that stabilises funding for individual programs. Risk management and team leadership are also areas that virtually all corporate service managers must engage in.

Are you considering starting your own business? AKR Consulting Canada Inc. can assist you with your incorporation and the subsequent statutory requirements. We can also assist you to setup your accounting systems and internal controls, thus enabling you to focus on growing and establishing your products and services.

Are you are a small or medium size company and need support with your accounting function? AKR Consulting Canada Inc. can facilitate the preparation of your financial statements and file your annual corporate tax return. We can liaise with your external accountants on your behalf or refer you to qualified accountants if need be. We can also assist you with filing your other statutory filings such as HST, ETD, EHT and WSIB to name a few.

At AKR Consulting Canada Inc. we have over 20 years experience in implementing, troubleshooting and adapting a variety of commercially available accounting software to a company’s individual needs.